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Amario AG - yesterday and today!

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our services!

Amario AG has a vast experience of nearly 20 years in renting vacation properties in Zermatt.

At the time we started with just 4 units and today we can offer our clients a choice of over 15 apartments in various sizes, locations and standards.

Due to the great confidence we enjoy amongst our apartment owners, we have been able to offer most of our flats for many consecutive years to our long-time returning clients.

Many owners of the apartments in our port-folio use their place for their own holidays as well. Therefore they are not just holiday apartments, but rather second homes in great conditions, well maintained and very well equipped.

We take great pride in supporting our clients in a friendly way before and during your stay in Zermatt.

Amario AG stands for values such as quality rather than quantity, professionalism and reliability in the local rental industry. Our success over many years shows that live up to our own high standards.

We look forward to receiving your e-mail or phone call and to submitting an offer, whether you have an apartment for rent or look for a home for your most enjoyable time of the year.

Mission Statement

It is our declared goal to give our clients the opportunity to experience the dealings with our employees and partners as a positive, professional and pleasant matter, due to outstanding performance, personal service and good communication from our part, in every aspect of our business activities.

Mario Fuchs

Our team

Our team

Mario Fuchs

  • I was born and raised in Zermatt.
  • After my apprenticeship as a baker I was working for 10 years in the Bakery Fuchs, owned by my family.
  • The years between the end of 1992 to the end of 1996 I spent in Whistler on Canada’s west coast.
  • Back in Zermatt, I turned my passion into my profession and taught as a fully certified ski instructors for nearly 10 years during the winter season many beginners and advanced skiers in the beautiful ski area of Zermatt.
  • The summer months I spent in various positions in the building industry on Zermatt’s construction sites.
  • Towards the end of the last century I decided to change my occupation again and started to rent out holiday apartments to tourists on a part-time basis.
  • After going back to school for some time, I took a big step, retired from ski teaching and abandoned my construction occupation and concentrated full-time on the holiday apartment business, and added the real estate brokerage to my activities.
  • Grace to my childhood in Zermatt and my various professional experiences, I have a profound knowledge of Zermatt, the local real estate market, as well as our guests needs and wants very well.
  • As a Zermatt local I know the right person to solve every problem or answer every question related to the local real estate market. The extend and Quality of the usable network is key in the industry.
  • As owner-operator of the business I am in charge of the strategic decisions and mainly for the sales and brokerage of real estate in Zermatt and its peripherals.
Recent milestones in my life
  • 2008: Member of the board of the Zermatt apartment association
  • 2009: Change of residence from Zermatt to Täsch
  • 2012: President of the Zermatt apartment association
  • 2013: Mayor of the community of Täsch
  • 2014: Marriage with Priska Schluep, my partner and work mate of many years
  • 2016: Member of the board of Zermatt Tourism

Priska Schluep

  • 2004 I visited Zermatt with a friend for a week of skiing and participated in ski group guided by ski instructor Mario Fuchs.
  • Unerringly hit by Amor’s arrow, I moved in early 2006 to Zermatt.
  • My new job in Mario’s real estate agency and rental business was a big change and challenge for me.
  • After working for over 20 years at the Swiss post, I kept on working at the post offices in Zermatt, Täsch and Randa as part-time holiday substitute.
  • 2013 I quit the Swiss post for good and am now mainly responsible for the rentals of the holiday apartments at Amario AG.
  • My favourite leisure activities are the garden around our house in Täsch, as well as skiing and cross country skiing.
  • Being born and raised in Solothurn, I have still kept my pure Solothurn dialect, even after living for more than 12 years in Wallis.

Joël Fuchs

  • I had the privilege of growing up in the beautiful town of Zermatt and spent a lot of time in the great outdoors from an early age, both with the neighborhood children after school and with my family on weekends.
  • After a 4-year apprenticeship as a multimedia electronics technician, I continued to work for another 3 years as a workshop manager at Elektro Imboden, the company where I did my apprenticeship. This time gave me valuable experiences and skills.
  • In the following years, I completed my mandatory military service as a medic and served in various positions as a civilian service volunteer. In between, I embarked on an extensive journey through my second home country, Canada.
  • Since 2022, I have been working full-time as a tandem paragliding pilot at Matterhorn Paragliding, where I've had the opportunity to introduce many guests to the breathtaking mountain scenery of Zermatt.
  • Since the summer of 2023, I have been a part-time member of the AMARIO team and I am looking forward to contributing my skills and learning a lot of new things. The part-time employment allows me to continue my current work as a tandem pilot.
  • In my free time, I still enjoy being outdoors, whether it's mountain biking, ski touring, mountaineering, or engaging in recreational and competitive paragliding. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me, where I always find peace and balance.

Our history

1997, Mario Fuchs starts to rent holiday apartments to visitors of Zermatt. In the beginning his operation consists of 4 apartments with a total of 12 beds. With success, joy and satisfaction coming from this occupation, Mario Fuchs decided to let his operation grow. Over the following two years several units were added to the portfolio and by the end of 1999 over 35 beds were available for rent.

2003, Mario Fuchs incorporated the company ‘Amario AG’. The rental business was from now on operated under the company’s name and Mario Fuchs added real estate brokerage to the company’s activities, by joining the worldwide active real estate network "REMAX"

2006 was the opening of the shop/office at the Station Square 4 in Zermatt.

Today, Amario AG / Remax Zermatt is one of Zermatt’s leading real estate offices with a well balanced portfolio, for both, rentals as well as offers for sale.
Amario AG is a proud member of the following organisations:
  • Zermatt Apartment association
  • Business association Zermatt
  • Zermatt Tourismus 
  • Remax, international real estate network

Office location

Amario AG will protect your privacy. The e-mail addresses will be used exclusively to send the newsletter and will not be given to a third person. Revocation is possible at any time.